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DO YOU WANT TO ASK IF WE CAN HOST A GROUP OF 7 OR MORE? If so, we answer that question, and many more, below!

If you can't find an answer to your question below please email us
We are a very small business with only one escape room open at the moment. The maximum team size is 6 (We've tested the room with 7+ and it just doesn't work). If you have more than 6 people the ONLY way you can play is by splitting into smaller groups and booking consecutive time slots eg. 2pm then 4pm.

We cannot host a group of 7 or more at the same time.
We are working on it. But it's not ready yet. We don't have a set opening date for it. While you are waiting, please take a look at this list of ranked escape rooms.
This means we are sold out for the slot you want or the booking is too short notice. As a very small business with only three staff and one room, we do need to have enough notice to make sure the room is staffed properly. Walk ups or very last minute customers are quite rare so we don't tend to staff the escape room unless we have a booking. So, if you can't see a booking available it means we can't accommodate you, sorry!
Sometimes we set the peak Saturday afternoon slots of the week as a 3 player minimum. If you can't make a 2 player booking on a Saturday afternoon this is why. This is not the case Sunday-Friday or Saturday morning/evening.
We are a very small business with only three staff members. To make sure we can guarantee to cover all bookings we have bookings open for the next four months only. We are not able to take bookings beyond that at this current time.
Please check your spam folder! The email will have come from but if you can't find anything drop us a line to the above address and we'll send you what we normally send in that message.
Please reply to your booking confirmation email with your request.
Please note refunds cannot be given under any circumstances but we will reschedule bookings free of charge if you give us at least 48 hours notice.
Please reply to your booking confirmation email with your request!
Sometimes if we are really busy it might be the end of the day or the next day we send the photo. We edit the escape times on to the photo so you have a fun memento so sometimes we get a bit of a backlog, but we will always send ASAP. We will send it to the email address of the person who made the booking. Thanks for your patience :)
Our age guidance of 14+ is because the room is slightly scary (PG level scariness) and may upset small children. Mixed family groups always have a great time. We would highly recommend against booking for a child's birthday party where the majority of the group are children below the age of 13-14 because they will most likely have trouble solving the puzzles and will potentially need a lot of help from the gamesmaster, making it a less fun experience.
Yes, we have had pregnant women play with no problem.
It isn't recommended due to the nature of the room and the environment, but we have had teams bring babies. There is no space inside the room for a buggy but we do have storage for buggies elsewhere in the building. Unfortunately, toddlers aged 12 months and over are not permitted.
We have a few local charities that we have donated vouchers to but are currently at our limit and are not able to issue any more for this year.
Yes. We need to tweak the game slightly, so it helps to know in advance if we will be hosting a wheelchair user so please drop us a line We do have an accessible ground floor entrance (there are quite a few steps to go up and down with the normal entrance). We have a fully accessible disabled toilet.
We don't currently offer any discounts.
The puzzles range from logic to physical puzzles all set within the unique theme and story of the 'LIFE Foundation assessment centre'. We have a wide variety of different challenges. It is challenging but achievable. You will be sent hints to help you if you are stuck (unless you explicity request not to have them, but this is only recommended if you are very experienced and have played 10-20+ different escape rooms). 67% of teams escape within 60 minutes, 99% escape within 70 minutes. The success rate for a group of 6 within an hour is 95%, for a group of 2 people it is 50%. 99% of teams make it through to the final part of the game thus seeing every aspect of the room. Ultimately the goal is to have fun, and we will do our very best to ensure that you do!